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Permit  Management
The Jones Group will provide complete permit management related to your project, prior to, during and after the submittal process to the local jurisdictions. We will assist your project with an up front cursory review of your needs and make recommendations prior to the submittal process. We will attend meetings, provide necessary research and  make necessary calls to help expedite your permit.

Plan and Permit Services 
When choosing our plan and permit services, you will be provided only the best quality information relating to your project. Zoning, state and local government requirements and complete permit management. This information will be provided by experienced personnel. Our experienced personnel and quality research guarantee your ability to make the correct decisions related to your capital needs as it relates to your development projects.

 *Studies for preplanning purposes includes zoning, occupancy and permit requirements, site visits, meetings, research, letters, support information and history. 

*Project Management prior to and during the preconstruction phases

*Preplanning for your new location, new buildings, additions, renovations, office building and occupancy permit needs

*Zoning and Planning inquiries for preconstruction, land and use change needs

*Parking inquiries for preconstruction and use change needs

*Support during the preplanning, land acquisition, preconstruction, construction, permit stages and Code Administration research related to development

*Bond Release Services

*Cursory  review of  Rezoning, Special Exception development plan conditions prior to submittal.
*Providing a cursory review of the site and subdivisions plans, preliminary and final subdivision plats, related to plans processing and permit expediting needs.
*Review of submittal requirements related to your  development to ensure timely processing of your plans and permits.

*Completion and fill out all necessary permits for your projects.
*Permit Services provided for residential and commercial  projects:
* Make inquires to all government agencies for
  plan requirements
* Perform submittals to all required agencies 
  for review
* Perform frequent status checks untill plans             are approved or retrieval for corrections 
* Ability to secure over-the counter plan                     checks when allowed by agency
*Complete all required applications for permits
* Status reports to client until project is                      completed